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Pivot-ED is an organization that believes that student athletes can combine education and athletics to “BE MORE...” Often times we place student athletes into categories that are defined by the sport they play.  Pivot-ED believes that student athletes are not just defined by their sport, but have a multitude of other defining factors.  We look to allow student athletes to reach their full potential with the slogan “BE MORE…”  BE MORE than a football player, BE MORE than a basketball player, BE MORE than a straight A student.  Whatever it is the student athlete is passionate about they can achieve and become. 



Pasadena Ca



Pivot-ED uses a three pronged approach to reach our mission.  We implement research based programming that allows students to shift their mindset and become more self regulated.  We also create a network of likeminded student athletes, parents, coaches, and community members that can leverage each other for support as student athletes taking control of their lives.  Lastly, we encourage students to participate in the sport of their choosing to see success.  In using this three pronged approach students can BE MORE...

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