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Pasadena Youth Conference


Pivot-ED had the opportunity of working with the youth at several schools within a local School District.  The conference was focused on youth understanding that today matters.  This conference will allow Pivot-ED to begin the work of supporting student athletes in upcoming projects within the district.


The conference was unique in that we were able to bring the 9th graders from each of the campuses we worked in contact with faith based organizations, private organizations, public organizations, and law enforcement.  Our keynote speaker was an owner of a neighboring business.  She was able to speak to the possibilities that theses students have.  Students also had the opportunity to interact with law enforcements in a hands on workshop.  All of our sessions were facilitated by non traditional student leaders.  Often times we honor students in the leadership classes or student receiving the high GPA's on a school campus with leadership.  We believe we should also honor those students that might hold capital within the student body that are not part of the traditional student leader groups.  By giving these students some ownership of the conference, partcipants are able to have authentic experiences that is not led by adults but rather led by their peers. 


We've received so much positive feedback from district personnel that we will be expanding the conference to other schools in the district.  Our approach is guided by the rich data we are able to collect from the participants.  These data points allow us to communicate the success of the conferences and tailor subsequent conferences.

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