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LASA 2016


Pivot-ED participated in an event titled the Los Angeles Student Athlete Symposium (LASA).  The premise of the symposium has two goals. The first goal is to stress the importance of academic achievement above all else.  The second goal is to create awareness of the complicated process of becoming a student athlete.  This full day event is was a valuable experience that all high school student athletes benefited from.


We’ve traditionally held the event at Loyola Marymount, however, we were able to partner with CBCSA and host this year’s event on the campus of University of Southern California.  The keynote speaker for the event is Remound Wright III.  Remound played on several championship teams with Stanford.  He highlighted his growth as a student athlete in this blog post

Students will have a variety of workshops to choose from.  The workshops are highlighted at our eventbrite site For more information regarding the site please refer to the flier or email Pivot-Ed at



LASA 2016 Flier

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